What Is The EFF – What They Do and Why You Ought To Care

What Is The EFF – What They Do and Why You Ought To Care

The EFF, or Electronic Frontier Foundation, is the first line of defense for consumers’ digital rights. It was founded as a non-profit organization in 1990 and based in San Francisco, California. It is well known for its advocacy in digital rights, as well as its effort in defending personal freedoms and consumer rights. The EFF is funded mainly from individual donations, a sizeable part of which is then used for litigation. Since its origin, the foundation has won several digital rights cases and is still battling to win more.

Starting out as strangers to each other, John Perry Barlow and Mitch Kapor ended up as founders of the EFF. It all started with Barlow’s dismal experience about the unfamiliarity of a law enforcer on the subject of the emerging forms of online communication. He thought that this would soon put consumers’ rights in danger. With Barlow’s encounter posted in an online community, Mitch Kapor, who had a like experience, was able to contact him. That was the start of their successful collaboration in defense of consumers’ rights.

Kapor furnished the first funding for legal fees. Then, working together, they sought the services of five New York lawyers. The initial victories of their enterprise spread so fast that it attracted John Gilmore and Steve Wozniak to put in funding. After the foundation was formally formed in July 1990, Kapor, Wozniak and an anonymous backer furnished the foundation’s initial funding.

Its record of achievements reveals that the foundation has repeatedly fought for freedom in the courts. They brought and defended lawsuits on behalf of consumers and the general public. It meant taking on large corporations and at times, even the U.S. government. Aside from individuals, it also defends new technologies against groundless legal threats.

Part of the EFF’s commitment is to engage and support educational activities for better knowledge of emerging developments in computing and telecommunications. It advises policymakers on concerns involving free and open telecommunications. It gives assistance in the development of new technologies that will permit consumers easy use of computer-based telecommunications. The EFF stays in line with its main mission – to champion public interest on issues affecting digital rights.

To promote work in accordance with EFF’s goals and objectives, the foundation has organized two sets of awards. One is the EFF Pioneer Awards, an annual award to those individuals along the fields of electronic freedom and innovation. The other is the EFF Cooperative Computing Awards given to ordinary internet users who “contribute to solving huge scientific problems”.

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