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 HEALTH COACHING Coaching focuses on the everyday issues of life that cause concern

for most all of us.  Stress is common to all of us and although it''s true that some stress is helpful and useful, a lot of us deal with an ongoing stream of stressors that do not give us a chance to relax and get back to a normal condition.  In our fast paced society, it is important that we understand stress and the problems that can arise if it is not managed properly. During the months of April and May,  I will be hosting a teleclass series entitled, "Stressbuster Series...Souped Up!"  This will be an 8 week series that will meet on Monday evenings from 7-8 PM EST, beginning April 18th, 2011. The cost of the 8-week series will be $80.00.  Stress management techniques and concepts will be presented throughout the series. along with a bonus soup recipe given at the end of each class. A FREE Teleclass will be given on April 11th, as an introduction to the series.If you come to this class and decide not to sign up for the series, you will still learn some techniques that are relatively fast acting.  By practicing them you will be able to lower your stress level in a very short time, and if they become part of your daily routine, you will gain even greater benefits. And as a bonus for attending this free class, I will also be sharing with you a delicious soup recipe that will aid in lowering your stress. To register for this free class, please click on the link "Free Teleclass."



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