Where To Buy Acai Berry Plus -		 Health Secrets and Reviews

Where To Buy Acai Berry Plus - Health Secrets and Reviews

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Where To Buy Acai Berry Plus

Unless you personally know an herbalist who can mix natural ingredients to strict specifications, it is unlikely that you will ever find a weight loss supplement as effective or as safe as Acai Berry Plus. It is a proprietary blend of Acai Berry, Resveratrol, Green Tea Extract and Hawaiian Noni Extract. Even then, it would be difficult if not impossible to mix the ingredients in the exact proportions to yield a supplement that is comparable to Acai Berry Plus.

The first thing that would cause a problem is the Acai itself in the formulation. You might be able to come up with a supplement that has the same dosage, but the Acai itself needs to have been processed under very stringent and specific conditions. Acai is extremely delicate and perishable when it comes to retaining its nutrients, It needs to be eaten or freeze dried within 24 hours of being picked or it loses a significant amount of its nutritive constituents.

As for Resveratrol, Green Tea and Hawaiian Noni, they need to be included in dosages that are very precise. Too small a dosage would render those ingredients ineffective and too high a dosage could carry the risk of side effects. Both can cause dehydration if there is an overdose. Hawaiian Noni is known to lower blood glucose levels which is why it is also beneficial to borderline diabetics who are not yet on medications. However, if you take too much you could lower your blood sugar to the extent that it could be dangerous.

Acai Berry Plus takes advantage of literally years of research and clinical evaluations and as a result the dosages are exactly what they need to be in order to provide the results it was formulated to give. The only place you can find authentic Acai Berry Plus is directly from the manufacturer, and that is as it should be. No one knows the product better.

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Posted on February 22nd, 2010 in Supplements

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