Health and Safety Inspections

Health and Safety Inspections

Our professional and flexible site safety inspection service helps managers to meet the latest health and safety regulations, by setting and maintaining consistently high standards on building sites, factories, workshops, offices and all other work locations.

Health & safety inspections are an important monitoring tool to ensure that hazards remain controlled and that employees and others are not at risk. They should be carried out regularly by both internal and external staff.

We can carry out full inspections at any or all of your premises. The inspection would cover all physical parts of the premises, as well as documentation on-site and the activities undertaken at the time.

Full reports are produced that detail:

  • Observations made and hazards identified
  • Level of risk (High, Medium or Low)
  • Any recommendations necessary to ensure ongoing legal compliance

Inspections of construction sites can also be undertaken. These can be combined with toolbox talks to further provide evidence that the employer is fulfilling his legal obligation to provide adequate health & safety information and training to his employees and sub-contractors.

Please not that safety inspections can also be covered as part of our annual Competent Person Service

Monitor Your Performance

Our pro-active inspection service enables managers to monitor their sites / work locations for health and safety performance. Out team of qualified health and safety advisors are trained to carry out safety assessments on a nationally consistent basis.

Full Inspection

A typical site inspection begins with a review of statutory documentation followed by a physical evaluation of current site activities, Inspections are undertaken with the site manager or other authorised person. Out advisors use an “arm around the shoulder” approach rather than simply conducting a policing exercise.

Trained Professional Staff

We maintain a direct employed workforce to carry out site inspections. This ensures continuity of service and the highest professional standards.

Site Inspection Reports

A site inspection report is sent to the customer within two working days of the inspection having been carried out.

The report can be posted or emailed, if preferred.
As well as conducting a site safety review out advisors also record details of visits made by enforcement agencies and information about accidents and their causes.

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