Certified Nursing Assistant Hawaii: Essential Things Every Aspiring CNA Should Know

Certified Nursing Assistant Hawaii: Essential Things Every Aspiring CNA Should Know

Get important information you need to know when starting a CNA career in Hawaii.

If you want to be part of a fast growing and exciting field and live in the State of Hawaii, then one of the positions you can have is a certified nursing assistant Hawaii. There are many wonderful career opportunities waiting a certified nursing assistant in the State.

State Requirements

In order to work as a certified nursing assistant Hawaii, you must meet certain requirements under the law.

  • Complete a state accredited program. Unlike other states, Hawaii programs have at least 100 hours of training, which includes 30 hours of classroom work and 70 hours of clinical hands-on work. This is well above the federal requirement of 75 hours of training.

The practical work must be supervised with a registered nurse with at least two years of work experience or other qualified state licensed medical professional. For Inquiries visit or call Argosy University Hawaii, 400 Pacific Tower – 1001 Bishop St Suite 400, Honolulu, HI 96813 with telephone number: 808536-5555

There are various schools all over the state that offer state accredited programs. To find a listing, you may check out your local community college, as well as websites for CNA practitioners and the State Department of Health site.

  • Pass the written and practical exam. Once you complete your training, you need to take a state exam so you can get your license and be a member of the Hawaii Nurse Assistant Registry.
  • Completed reciprocity form. For those who have completed a state accredited certified nursing assistant program in another State, you don’t need to take another class. Simply fill out a reciprocity form so you can transfer your license and start practicing in Hawaii.
  • Meet other requirements. You need to have a high school diploma or equivalent and you must pass a criminal background check. You also need to be in good physical health. Personally, you must have the disposition to work long hours, have a genuine interest in providing help and care to patients and be able to carry out precise instructions.

CNA Job Opportunities in Hawaii

If you want to practice as a CNA in Hawaii, there are various places to do so. Hospitals, care home facilities, hospice care and clinics are all in demand of qualified certified nursing assistants. Job listings can be found at school postings, Internet sites for CNA practitioners and the medical facilities themselves.

  • Hale Ola Kino is a Health Center at One Kalakaua which has complete nursing facility and offers the best rehabilitation, professional care programs and respite solutions for elderly. The address is 1314 Kalakaua Avenue, 2/F, Honolulu, HI 96826, Phone: 808-983-4444 and email address is jobs@haleolakino.com c/o Sheena Pedro of HR Department. The health center is regulary in search of on call CNA to work on various shifts. Please visit Hale Ola Kino for details.

CNA Salary and Benefits

Working as a certified nursing assistant Hawaii will allow you to get your foot in the door in a highly competitive and challenging medical field. The median salary for this position is at $29,000 annually, with a lot of opportunities for career advancement given more training and experience.

You will work various hours and be constantly exposed to a number of technological medical advancements. No two days are alike since this is a fast paced industry. You’ll get to meet a lot of people on a daily basis and work with some of the most incredible minds in the medical field.
CNA State nursing aide registry contact details

To register as a CNA in Hawaii, contact the Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry, Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Professional and Vocational Licensing Branch at (808) 739-8122335. Their address is located at Merchant St., 3rd Floor Room 301, Honolulu, HI 96813.

These are just some of the information you need to get started on a lucrative career as a certified nursing assistant Hawaii. Learn more about it today!

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