“Discover The Weight Loss Techniques Of The Pleasure-Lover —
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Dear Frustrated Woman
Who Wants a Flat Belly Once and For All

My name is Jena la Flamme, and I’m on a mission: to end the dieting craziness we women put ourselves through. And I’m committed to showing you the stress-free, fun, pleasurable way to a sexy body.

I am the founder of my own designer health center in New York. The Jena Wellness Center is an urban oasis where elite professionals come to rejuvenate their body and soul.

For almost a decade I have been working one-on-one with the busiest, most stressed, multi-tasking women on the planet! These women are fed up with restrictive regimes, a.k.a. “diets-that-don’t-work-anyway,” they come to me in order to get the real sustainable results – lasting weight loss without enslavement to calorie counting and repression.

Not only have I been working with New Yorkers, but women from across America. Clients from as far as Australia and London seek me out for coaching at my wellness center in New York.

For over 9 years, I have presented my ideas in magazine columns, podcasts, and media forums like Pilates Style, Glamour, and the Discovery Health Channel. Using workshops, retreats, webinars, and private coaching, I have shared with tens of thousands of women, the secrets of attaining a flat belly by abandoning denial and embracing pleasure.

Now I am ready to make these teachings and AMAZING RESULTS accessible to a wider audience. For those women who cannot make it to my center for one-on-one support, I have collected my most powerful insights in this easy-to-use program so you can benefit from EVERYTHING I’ve learned.

Imagine IF You Could…

  • Know exactly why your body is craving more food than it needs
  • Understand how to help cravings subside naturally
  • Escape the vicious cycle of restriction and over-eating
  • Get into great shape without being stuck in bland, boring food prison
  • Stop feeling something is fundamentally wrong with you
  • Empower your body’s innate wisdom, the part that knows exactly how to lose weight and keep it off
  • Find practical, time-efficient ways for melting excess fat away
  • Transform pleasure into a force that slims your waistline rather than expands it
  • Become your own weight loss guru for a long, healthy life

Life Changing Moments With Women Just Like You

I was at the end of my rope in my dieting experience. I now realize that I was wired into a pattern of restricting and binging all the time. I decided that I needed to do something about it or just give up. Going through Jena''s program, I have become so much calmer. I have dropped a dress size and I am still steadily losing. I am wearing the clothes in my closet, I didn''t dare try on before and loving it!
I recently had some blood work done, and am thrilled to say that my numbers were so good I was referred to by my doctor as a healthy 20 year old! Really cool for the ears of a 39 year old to hear! I have lost weight and my eating habits are truly wonderful. Thank you, Jena!

Let Jena Help You Get The Body You LOVE

Jena la Flamme is a leader in the field of weight loss.

Through workshops, online classes, magazine articles, and podcasts she has taught tens of thousands of women bring light to the weight loss capacity that although concealed, has been at their fingertips all along, and how to make attaining a flat belly dramatically easier.

Her extensive research, profound understanding of the body and the female appetite, fused with the application of cutting-edge science, helps her clients reach the body of their dreams.

Jena’s work has been featured in the press for years.

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Who Else Wants Complete Freedom With Food AND the Body of Your Dreams?

  • Are you sick of the vicious cycle: restrictive dieting followed by the backlash of resentment which turns into overeating?*
  • Does weight loss feel like a full time job that you are too busy to undertake?
  • Do you feel riddled by guilt every time you eat the ‘wrong’ foods?
  • Does your esteem shrink when you stand in front of the mirror?
  • Does your body act like a naughty child, ruining the sensible weight loss plans made by your mind?
  • Do you feel like you have to fight for every pound you lose, only to gain each one back again, simply by looking at the wrong foods?
  • Are you eating fairly well yet puzzled that your flat belly eludes you?
  • Have you tried every weight loss program out there and are almost ready to give up hope?