Beat the Heat without A/C

Beat the Heat without A/C

Many of us look for ways to avoid turning on the A/C when the weather heats up in order to save money. For those of us without air conditioning, it’s especially vital to find techniques to stay cool during the hotter months. Whichever category you fall into, try using some of these A/C-free methods to cool off at home this summer.

Use fans. Ceiling and box fans generate a breeze that helps you feel cooler, and used in combination with open windows/doors, fans also help push the hot air out of your house. If it’s cooler outside than it is inside, use a box fan and open windows to get a nice cross-breeze going.

Be water-wise. Lingering in a cool shower might feel nice on a hot day, though it’s not really the most efficient way to stay cool. Nevertheless, there are other innovative ways you can use water to cool off on a hot day. Soak your feet in buckets of cold water, or take a cool bath. Use wet bandanas and towels on the head, neck and shoulders. Having fans blowing on wet skin will help you feel even cooler.

Have a virgin cocktail. It’s fun to have summery drinks like mojitos when the weather warms up, but alcohol is not the best way to beat the heat. In fact, alcohol can cause dangerous dehydration if consumed in hot weather. That said, it’s important to drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids when it’s hot. Enjoy a virgin-style version of your favorite cocktail, or drink water, juice, lemonade, etc.

Shut off heat sources. Electronics, lights and appliances all generate heat, so turn them off when the weather is hot. Do chores involving heat-generating appliances, such as vacuuming, at night when the weather cools off. You especially don’t want to use your stove on a hot day – eat fresh foods or use the microwave instead.

Stay downstairs. Hot air rises. So if you have a two-story house, the second story probably gets quite a bit hotter than the downstairs part of the house on hot summer days.

Eat a salad. Eating heavy, fatty, and protein-rich foods actually warms the body by increasing metabolic heat. Stay cooler by eating lighter foods such as salads. A salad is also a good summertime food because it can be served cold and doesn’t require the heat-generating stove to prepare.

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