So what are the benefits of alkaline water? Before you drink water, know what you’re drinking and if it’s really good for your health.

Years ago, alkaline water has been introduced in the market and many people claim it really gives healthy benefits they wouldn’t expect it could. Many water purifiers and alkaline water machines have been introduced, too. People dumped their old water filters to depend on the new alkaline water filters instead. Sales of alkaline water filters skyrocketed especially when people heard that the Japanese and Koreans had been using ionized alkaline water for decades. Talk about reverse aging. Other people however doubt the abilities and beneficial advantages of alkaline water.
They say it’s just the usual water, no more, no less. Critics say that it can’t really reduce the acidity of the body. That those alkaline water machines were just invented and sold to make money. That said, all things may have good and bad benefits. Alkaline or not, the benefits both good and bad are all theoretical. In this hub, I’ve listed the benefits of alkaline water.

What is Alkaline Water?

First, let us know what alkaline water is so we know what we’re talking about. Alkaline water is water that is neither acidic nor neutral on the pH scale. And what the hell is a pH scale? It’s a scale that’s used to determine the hydrogen ion concentration and acidity of a substance. Where ‘p’ is for the German word potenz, which means power, while the "H" is for hydrogen. I know you know pH scale if not you recall your chemistry class… From the scale of 0 to 14, 7 is the neutral. Higher than 7 is alkaline while lower is considered acidic.

How to Make Alkaline Water?

There are three ways to make alkaline water. We can alkalize water by mixing alkaline tablets and droplets onto the water, by mixing baking soda and by using alkaline water ionizers.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Anti –aging. The major benefit of alkaline water is its strong antioxidant capabilities. Compared to other types of water, ionized alkaline water is not acidic and not neutral so it may not catch bacteria and other unwanted particles. It detoxifies and hydrates body tissues by pushing out toxins and other harmful bacteria in the body. Ordinary water can’t expel all the toxins completely out the body like alkaline could. When water is alkalized, the ionization process re-structure the water molecules into micro-clusters, making it lighter thus it’s easy for it to penetrate deeply into the body tissues and dissolve toxins. You know the results of this benefit; clear and moisturized skin, stronger bones and joints, stronger muscles and tissues. That is reverse aging.

Strong immune system. Because alkaline eliminates acid wastes and toxins, it strengthens the immune system by restoring and retaining proper body balance. It prevents free radicals from forming. Hence, it boosts the immune system to have a strong defense against numerous diseases and ailments. There will likely be a fast recovery from injuries and other sickness.

Superior hydrator. Unlike ordinary water, alkaline water contains micro-cluster water molecules. I’ve mentioned that I think. This means it hydrates and dissolves toxins faster than regular water. The detoxification power of alkaline is stronger and better than other types of water. You know the results of this; clear skin, hyper energy and zero stress.

Cleaner body system. We already know its amazing cleaning capabilities.Studies have shown also that alkaline water has been particularly effective in cleansing the colon. Using ionized alkaline water, the wastes in the colon, either weeks or months old can be removed safely. Alkaline water could clean all the body system. You know the results of this; free from sickness and diseases.

Pretty healthy skin and appearance. Because it detoxifies the body and the skin well, result would be a healthy and pretty skin appearance. Alkaline water rejuvenates the skin and its tissues. It stabilizes and protects the skin cells and maintains the glow and young state of skin.

Alkaline water and cancer

Alkaline water can help cure cancer and that’s an immense topic rolling over the web and everywhere. Because there’s no scientific proof about this yet, lots of people are still not convinced. Like any other studies, things could work even if not yet proven. There are lots of people on the other hand who claims alkaline water really is vital especially from those who survived from cancer. A forum from a website, to be exact, has an ongoing forum about alkaline water and cancer. In case you want to check it out.

Other reported benefits of drinking alkaline water are helpful in treating and preventing the following diseases and abnormal health conditions:




High blood pressure






Acid reflux