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About Us Rockford IL Type 2 Diabetes Rockford IL Diabetes Treatment

Dr. Estella Martinez is specialized in both bariatric medicine and family medicine.

She obtained her medical degree close to her native home in Chicago at the University of Illinois. After medical school, she specialized in family medicine and had been working as a general family doctor since 2006 upon completion of residency at the IL Masonic Medical Center. While working at a community health center in Chicago, she noted that she was diagnosing too many patients with diabetes and blood pressure, conditions that could be improved with healthy lifestyle habits. Not only was she diagnosing young individuals but she also felt all she was doing was “handing out drugs”. She thought to herself “ I did not go to medical school for this but to heal!”. She felt she was not taught the essentials and how to prevent disease or manage lifestyle habits so she took it upon herself to seek more education and support in this area. An online search in 2010 introduced her to the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and she became certified in bariatric or “weight loss” medicine and has devoted her life to this passion every since. Since starting to work in this field, her patients have lost over 10,000 pounds and she has helped patients reverse their chronic medical conditions and get off of medications such as that for diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. Dr. Martinez is not only passionate about nutrition and wellness but also relates her personal story. After her medical training, Dr. Martinez had gained a medical degree but also 50 pounds of extra weight! She put herself on a regimen and has lost 40 pounds to this day. She comes from a family of diabetics in which her mother and brother suffer from diabetes and both maternal grandparents died from diabetic complications. She was prediabetic herself and has since also reverse this condition.

Her hobbies included jogging, oil painting and quilling, a paper art form. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and 9 year old chihuahua “Pepper”. She has completed 1 triathalon and 3 half marathons and aspires to complete the full marathon in the near future.

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